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Sebastiano Canessa was born in 1968 in Genoa.

He got his University Degree in Economics and Marketing in Genoa, followed by a year of international studies in Boston, first at Northeastern and later at Boston University.

In 1994, he starts collaborating in Italy with his family’s business, Canessa Cantieri S.p.a, registered at ANCE (National Construction Association) since after WWII and specialised in construction and residential developments in Italy. In the same year, he starts following some estate development projects in the Check Republic, where to this date he deals with estate development and management independently and for other beneficiaries.

In the following years, he also leads some estate operations in Germany and in Paris.

Since 2000, first in the Check Republic and after in Italy, he starts personally managing touristic estate properties after the end of construction, deepening his touristic sector knowledge.

In the last years, he received numerous commissions of estate portfolio analysis and development in the Check Republic, in Slovakia, in Austria and none the least in Italy.

Since 2014, he leads diverse estate development operations in Slovakia, building over 700 villas and 1,000 apartments with the joined realisation of related commercial areas.

Currently he is CEO of some Italian, Check and Slovakian estate and construction companies.