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Filippo Delle Piane was born in 1974 in Genoa.

After receiving his University Degree in Civil Engineering in Genoa he leaves for Australia, where for about a year he contributed to the realisation of an 86 floor tower in Sidney’s city centre.

In 2002, he came back to Italy where he worked for C.I.L.E. S.p.a. a renowned construction company in Milan. Firstly, he worked in their bids office and subsequently in their technical office and purchase department.

He started his career as an associate for Assimpredil (registered at ANCE in Milan).

In this period, he successfully completed a Masters Degree in General Management at the SDA Bocconi.

In 2006, he returns to Genoa working for Costruzioni S.p.a., where, in addition to being CEO, he covers the role of technical director and deals with marketing strategies. Furthermore, he also follows the shipping sector where his family has always been active as administrative advisor for Rimorchiatori Riuniti.

Costruzioni S.p.a. is a renowned Genoese company dealing with promotion and construction since 1925 (at that time it was known as Benedetto Croce&Co). The company’s mission has always been the realisation of development plans focused on resale operations in the residential, marketing and productive sector.

Since 2015, in the face of the deep changes forced by the relevant market, he decides to modify Costruzioni’s historic DNA in order to enable others to benefit from the great services that Costruzioni has been able to provide throughout the years. Recognising the increased need of great investors for a local partner able to act as a sole interlocutor throughout the complicated development steps of important estate portfolios, he founded, together with other partners, the company HMO, a service provider for investors in the sector.

Associate career

  • 2007 2013 : President of the Youth ANCE Group in Liguria
  • 2010 : Coordinator of the Youth Group “Giovani Riuniti” in Genoa
  • 2009 – 2012 : Vice President of the National Youth ANCE Group
  • 2012 – 2015 : President of the National Youth ANCE Group
  • 2015 – Oggi :
    • President of the ANCE Group in Genoa
    • Vice President of the National ANCE Group with a mandate for Construction and Territory
    • Member of the Commercial Chamber Committee in Genoa
  • 2016 Oggi :
    • Member of the scientific committee of Re-Build
    • Member of the Architecture and Design Department Board of the Polytechnic University in Turin